Johnny Entertains NASCAR Fans Through Rain

NASCAR fans will show up to the track every weekend rain or shine. Sometimes, the first one occurs and that leaves them scrambling for shelter to keep dry and wait out mother nature. At Charlotte Motor Speedway this weekend, Johnny took the stage to play despite the sky falling and the results we're spectacular.

Johnny came out with his guitar to a soaked crowd of maybe 100 fans who had gathered around the stage for the opening act and busted into his set list performing song after song. Making jokes about the weather along the way, he even kicked out "Have you ever seen the rain" by Credence Clearwater Revival  sending the crowd into an uproar. 

The thing about performing at a NASCAR race is that any act that is lucky enough to do so is still the side show to the main event which is the 40, 200MPH cars that take to the track each weekend. But, Johnny managed to do something quite remarkable. That crowd of 100 slowly and surely grew and grew and before he was 15 minutes in, it was well over 1,000. 

People we're screaming, chanting & dancing in the rain all to hear this 24 year old country singer born just up the road in Sparta, NC sing a few songs with his guitar. It was remarkable. It was memorable. It was typical Johnny Reed Foley.