Johnny is opening for Aldean, Farr at Runaway

It’s official! Johnny Reed Foley will be opening for Jason Aldean & Tyler Farr at Runaway Country!
Johnny once again showed his versatility, playing a variety of music that showcased his vocal range and, of course, his ability to connect with any crowd, even fans of the other competitors. His originals “Hillbilly Rock Star” and “Who’s Turning You On” were particular favorites of fans who came over to congratulate him after the results were announced. There was an outpouring of support, love, and happiness from his friends, family and fans and he graciously took the time to spend a moment with each person who came to support him. 

Along with and his band – Kyle on bass, Luke on drums and Xavier on guitar - Johnny played an amazing set at Fun Spot Orlando to clinch the big stage opening slot for Tyler Farr and Jason Aldean at Runaway Country on Sunday, March 19th. It was a well-deserved victory over some very talented bands over the course of the competition, with the two runners-up from the finals also earning the opportunity to play at Runaway Country on Friday, March 17.

We are looking forward to the next big thing for Johnny. This opportunity to be showcased before the headliners at a country music festival is a major accomplishment and will mean that decision makers will see him perform. Stay tuned for all the news! Johnny has worked so hard for this and he can't wait to share his success story with everyone who has supported him along the way!